Lake Garda - Italy

Links to photos, videos & 360° interactive panoramic images

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our printed map!

Get Inspired to visit Lake Garda

View hundreds of great photos, videos and 360° interactive panoramic images

via carefully selected online links

Find your favorite place & scenery and make the most of your holiday

by spending more time at locations that are most interesting to you


Map pages 1 to 22 with links to photos, videos and 360° interactive panoramic images

- additional links are regularly added to explore, so keep coming back for more inspiration -

The PASSWORD to access the 22 map pages is available in our printed map booklet on the legend page




The FULL AREA MAP is a large map with all the 22 map pages

combined in one pdf-file which makes it easy to find any location

and to keep an overview over the whole area

If you have purchased the printed map, please send us an email to request the pdf file for the full area map.

Pdf files are compatible with all mobile devices as well, so you can always have this map

with you where ever you go.

(see About Us for our email address)

IMPORTANT: The same password is used to request a full area map, which is used to view the 22 pages

above for the free links to photos, videos and 360° panoramic images

Another Free Bonus to

our printed map!

About us

Claudia & Wynand du Plessis are professional nature photographers and publishers of various calendars, books, maps and photo guides.


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